Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy

Together We’re US!

Our Philosophy

“…It was a school superintendent who encouraged me in 1997 with these words of wisdom; “Steven, you don’t need to represent your insurance company and sell their products to our employees… you should represent our employees to the insurance industry and go find the best deal for our school system, bring it back and teach us what we need.” I listened to that advice, resigned my position as an insurance company agent to perform as a broker for public school districts and better serve the needs of our clients.”

Steven H. Johnson, President, Campus Benefits

The Company

Campus Benefits is a full-service employee benefits brokerage/compliance & consulting firm for public school entities. Since 2009,
the company has quickly surpassed expectations of many by becoming a leading authority for public school district employees and administrators in relation to employee benefits design, communication, implementation, service and government compliance. Furthermore, the Campus Benefits team is focused on exceeding the expectations of their clients by crafting the best employee benefits package possible to date and providing unmatched service. Constructing a client-specific benefits package tailored for the unique needs and desires of each client is accomplished by partnering with leading insurance carriers in the K-12 market and assimilating clarity for product design with various enrollment options.

The Heritage

Campus Benefits’ heritage is founded on basic characteristics from many personal and professional influences representing the highest levels of ethical behaviors and professional courtesies throughout a 30+ year career of founder Steven H. Johnson while serving hundreds of public-school districts.

Integrity and a deep-seated cultural belief of serving others defines the entire Campus Benefits Team of professionals extending far beyond employee benefits and administration. “We have always remembered where we came from and the people who have helped us achieved our goals as a company and we are extremely grateful as we remain clearly focused with our purpose as a company serving public school district employees.” Together We’re US.


The blueprint of our success is a desire to fundamentally change the tainted image of the insurance industry and to ease the financial pressures of public-school district employees by creating an environment for employee benefits education as a foundational financial planning platform for their future. To further the cause of public education with continued support, and be a valued resource for local communities. Together We’re US


Campus Benefits, the name referred to for employee benefits within the public-school arena on a national stage.
Together we’re US.

“There is simply no other organization offering the level of professional insurance product
knowledge, enrollment experiences and unmatched customer service today within the K-12 market.”

Long-standing client and carrier relationships and their people are at the core of success as they set the standard for customer service delivery. 

  • Dedicated to create relationships based on trust. 
  • Superior results delivered to their clients. 
  • Campus redefines the definition of “client”.

Passion: Shared Enthusiasm
Integrity: Live with Sincerity and Purpose
Quality: Set the Standard
Performance: Executing with Detail
Results: Providing valued Metrics

  • One family of dedicated and passionate individuals
  • One focus to deliver innovative solutions and results
  • One commitment to personalized service
  • One vision to positively impact their clients and communities

Campus Benefits, Simply the Best

The Campus Benefits’ Employee Benefits Platform offers an alternative to purchasing and managing traditional employee benefits (insurance coverage) typically offered by brokers, consultants and insurance company/captive agents. Operating as a complete resource for your employee benefits department, the benefits professionals and risk management teams are specifically dedicated to serve public school district employees.

The Campus Benefits team delivers personal and administrative solutions to its members at the highest professional level and with 200 years of combined experience among their team members, clients experience firsthand the definitive reason of the company’s success and testament to their future development. Together We’re US!