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At the Center of Life’s Financial Uncertainties, Campus Benefits is there.

Campus Benefits is a full-service employee benefits brokerage/consulting and compliance firm serving public school districts across the southeast. Focused on delivering innovative products and services to create industry leading employee benefits’ programs and providing a measurable results-based service plan.

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Employee Benefits Management Products & Services

It’s been said; “The only thing brokers can offer is products and services“. Maybe so, but at Campus Benefits, your advantage is our team of seasoned professionals consistently delivering products, services, benefits education, compliance and so much more at a higher level of distinction far from others serving in the same marketplace.

Building customized and competitive benefits plans with innovative trends best suited for your employees
Creative Strategies
Providing service solutions to meet and exceed the needs of your employees while maintaining a 97% average customer satisfaction rate (Happiness Score)
Customized Support
Technology modernization to eliminate frustrations experienced during monthly and annual enrollments to better serving employees and administration
Innovative Technology
Ensuring your employees feel part of the Campus Family with various communication processes, product tutorials, benefits educational models, personalized claims service and more
Personalized Service
You and your staff will have access to a dedicated, laser focused Campus servicing team to support you and your employees
Team Approach

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Campus Advantage Services

  • Service Hub Support Center

  • Annual Product Market Analysis

  • Enrollment Strategy Team

  • Education & Communication

  • Enrollment Platforms

  • Your Benefits Information Portal

  • Billing & Reconciliation

  • Legal & Compliance

  • Dedicated licensed benefit counselors available to assist with claims, questions, life event changes, and enrollment. The Campus Benefits Service Hub Team utilizes a service management platform tracking all requests received via phone or E-mail. The system will track trends of questions and requests, which in turn is analyzed to provide the most effective service. Employee satisfaction is a priority at Campus and is continuously monitored throughout the year allowing the team to maintain an A+ customer satisfaction rate. (Happiness Score)
  • The Campus Benefits’ product analysis experts annually review and measure client plan designs ensuring your benefits package is maintaining proper risk factors and market trends. By utilizing and preserving established relationships with top rated insurance companies, the Campus team is allowed certain negotiation laterals with various carriers to build stable and long-term plans. The key essential questions for you include; “Why do you offer what you offer to your employees?” and “What process supports that decision?".
  • The essential outcome for every enrollment is to ensure your employees confidently understand and have selected the correct benefits. The Campus Benefits’ enrollment team works with each group to ensure every employee has access to the most comfortable enrollment methods. Whether one-on-one, group facilitated, individual call center, or the self-service on-line option, providing multiple options with constant status reporting throughout the enrollment will ensure employees are successfully being served throughout the entire enrollment process and maintaining schedule.
  • At Campus Benefits, success rises and falls with proper communication and everyone at Campus understands that communication is not just giving out information. Communication is “getting through”.
    From the very beginning of the partnership, the Campus Team will meet with each appurtenant group pertaining to the creation and education of the entire benefits package to outline the specific objectives and create a common theme throughout all means of communication. It is vitally important to teach every employee how the insurance products offered in a benefits package could assist and protect their individual financial future from an unforeseen peril.
  • Campus Benefits explores and utilizes an array of third-party enrollment platforms to assure every client has the best system to suit your needs.
    The Campus Benefits account servicing team can manage the selected implementation and technology platform allowing back-end access for Human Resources/Finance personnel to acquire real-time data reporting, make qualified life event changes, and view/update employee data. Putting the tools in the hands of our clients with the assurances we are there for you.
  • Campus Benefits creates and manages a personalized benefits portal for our clients with case specific benefits information, plan documents, product highlight sheets, and claim forms. Your employees can simply access their personal benefits information 24/7/365, with the option to update personal information and make life event elections in addition to the direct link to the Campus Benefits Service Hub.
  • Campus Benefits’ billing and reconciliation process is available to you, allowing payroll efficiency for your monthly/bi-monthly process.
    As a Campus Benefits client you will be assigned a Billing Specialist. This specialist will generate all self-accounting bills and pre-reconcile all of your insurance carrier bills on a monthly/bi-monthly basis. Their principle commitment is to ensure all bills are reported accurately, generated timely, and received on time.
    The billing specialist works in sync with our technology department conducting monthly audits ensuring accurate transfers of employee elections between the ben-admin system and your insurance carriers.
  • Our team of seasoned in-house attorneys on staff at Campus Benefits can assist your clients with compliance regulations, legislative alerts, contracts, and more. In addition to providing guidance and claims escalations, the Campus’ legal team reviews all Plan Documents and policy certificates keeping your plan up to date and compliant.