Employee FAQs: IRS Form 1095

What is Form 1095? Please Note: This video is optimized for use in Google Chrome/Mozilla Firefox/Safari 1095 Companion FAQ For Employees Sample 1095 Form Please contact us with any questions – we’re happy to assist you with this process. info@campusbenefits.com We would love to hear your thoughts on this video!  Give us your feedback! Good […]

Quarterly Update: Effective Communication

In a world of video distraction, effective communication is a must. Creating concise messages to help your employees filter through the noise is how we are “getting through”. How do you “get through” to your employees? – Steven

2015 SHBP Wellness Incentives 101

SHBP Wellness Incentive Program 101 View the video guide above for 2015 SHBP Wellness Incentives information. Reminder – all incentive requirements must be completed before December 15th, 2015. Please feel free to share with your friends, family and colleagues! For more information please visit: BeWellSHBP.com

Spark! Igniting Public Education In Georgia Campaign

The SPARK! campaign is led by a steering committee of educators and business and community leaders in Georgia and illustrate the educational accomplishments of our schools, our graduates, and our educators.

This “spark” shapes career choices, interest in community service, and interest in other pursuits that lead to healthy and productive lives.

Here are some highlights of how we've contributed recently to the SPARK! campaign.