What is your approach to designing benefit programs?

As the Benefits Service Provider (Broker/Consultant) for your organization, we will provide a 7 step process for designing, communicating, implementing and servicing a case specific employee benefits package. From “Reviewing the Current Benefits Package” to “The Open Enrollment Announcement and Process”, this proprietary development will prove to make a difference for your employees. We encourage you to meet our representatives to get a more in-depth description of our 7 step process and unique approach for your benefits enhancement.

What wellness resources and assistance are you capable of providing?

In conjunction with our team of carriers, we have a host of Wellness Programs to put in place with your staff. We will take a multi-dimensional approach which will include, but is not limited to the following:

  • Onsite Wellness/Benefit Fair
  • Monthly / Quarterly Wellness Newsletter (print or email)
  • Educational on-site seminars held in conjunction with chosen carriers
    • Possible topics: Smoking Cessation, Diabetes Management, Preventive Screening, Weight Loss Program, Nutritional counseling
  • Customized programs based on Health Risk Assessment results whether survey or blood draw based

How can you ensure a smooth renewal period?

Our current customer service model has in place scheduled quarterly review sessions with our large group clients. Our approach to managing benefits gives us the ability to forecast out far before renewal any modifications that we feel based on your feedback need to be made. Renewal decisions are not easily made when put in a rush, 45 days prior to renewal. We feel it takes months to best plan out your strategies. Continued communication and goal setting throughout the year will give way to a well planned renewal. Ongoing stewardship is the hallmark to proper benefits management.

How do you keep clients informed of regulatory and legislative changes?

Campus Benefits provide a two prong approach to each of our clients that is second to none in the industry.

  • Immediate Access – We will provide secure and highly valuable online 24 hours a day access to a prestigious benefits portal which has an exclusive network of colleagues from across the country at no additional cost. Share information and resources via the Community’s interactive forum that allows you to post questions to your peers, provide insight into other users’ questions, and allows you to track responses based on topics or individual questions
  • In House Legal Counsel and Law firm relationship – In addition to immediate resources 24 hours a day we have one of Georgia’s strongest legal and compliance relationships for our clients in the marketplace. Your public system employees will have access to submit questions to our in-house lawyers as well as gain access to our exclusive relationship with a law firm, who routinely provides written updates and white papers on articles of interest.